Proposal for Planning and Managing a Special Event

Proposal for Planning & Managing a Special Event

COMM3010 R51: Integrated Corporate Communication

I. Purpose

The purpose of this project is to demonstrate an awareness of and understanding of the stages and special considerations involved in organizing and managing a special event. We are creating a professionally presented cover letter and proposal for organizing and managing this event. We are to pretend we work for an agency that organizes and manages major events. A local civic organization has asked four agencies, including the one for which we work, to submit comprehensive proposals for an event that will raise funds to cover the cost of examinations for the 250 varsity athletes in all sports at a high school of our choosing. The medical exams are to identify undiagnosed heart conditions that could be fatal for a student athlete involved in intense conditioning, practice or competition. These exams will be provided at cost (about $100 per student athlete) by a local hospital, for a total fundraising goal of $25,000 (plus event costs). Area physicians are donating their services. In brainstorming the idea for our event, special considerations must be taken into account such as seating capacity and availability of facilities or utilities for the location, as well as activities that will appeal to our target audience.

II. Cover Letter

Oddball Creative Services
Cassandra J Mitchell
Owner/PR Consultant

November 30, 2015

Dear So and So,

Thank you for contacting Oddball Creative Services about the opportunity to organize a fundraising event for the Anderson County Lions Club. ←Some statistically significant data about why their cause is important that proves I spent some time doing research.→ At Oddball, we have the experience and expertise to make your event a success. ←List important contacts, special vendor deals, and connections.→ Past events we have managed include ←tout some relevant and related experiences here.

When it comes to your fundraising event, our mission was to create a fun-filled, family oriented event that exceeds your goals. We propose an all day super-hero themed sporting event to capitalize on the established interests and talents of the community. The concept, while fun, also highlights the community heroes who help knock out heart conditions that might otherwise be deadly to neighbors, sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren. This event gives local businesses, civic organizations, and families an opportunity to get out and be active or spectate the hilariously outfitted shenanigans. Groups or individuals will be able to register for one of three tournaments (flag-football, soccer, or softball) that will use simplified rules to make them non-professional friendly. Awards will be presented to tournament participants. Concessions, display booths, and an auction will also be available. We will coordinate with the high school to possibly offer some drama driven Hero vs. Villain skits throughout the day, as well as sourcing volunteers from certain student organizations that need community service hours.

Please see the attached proposal for the super hero sports day. I realize you must review this proposal with your board members. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Cassandra Mitchell

III. The Proposal

I. Planning

A kick-off ceremony will preclude the tournament featuring special guest speakers. The Chairman of the AC Lions Club and the Athletics Director for Anderson County High School will give opening remarks. The President of Fort Sanders, Anderson County’s Mayor, Terry Frank, and ACHS Principals, will also be invited to be onstage. Other important individuals of note to invite include team coaches, athletes, athlete parents, local physicians, physical therapists, county commissioners and board of education members.





7–9 am


8:00 am

check-in for vendors/media

registration opens

9:15 am

kick-off speech

9:30 am

Round 1/Games 1&2

10:00 am

Hero vs. Villain battle

10:30 am

silent auction opens

Round 1/Games 3&4

11:30 am

Round 1/Games 5&6

12:00 pm

Hero vs. Villain battle

12:30 pm

silent auction closes

Round 1/Games 7&8

1:30 pm

Round 2/Games 1&2

2:00 pm

Hero vs. Villain battle

2:30 pm

Round 2/Games 3&4

3:30 pm

Round 3/Games 1&2

4:00 pm

Hero vs. Villain battle

4:30 pm

Final Round

5:45 pm

awards/closing remarks

6-7 pm


The day’s events are broken into three separate sporting events—flag-football, soccer, and softball. Invitations (flyers) will be sent to prominent local business/churches/organizations (in part to solicit sponsorships) encouraging them to register a team to participate. Early registration of a team gets all participants entry into the event for the full day at a discounted rate. Individuals who have no team can preregister to fill a vacant spot on a team or drop-in the day of. The football and soccer fields will be subdivided into two smaller playing fields to allow more teams to play and make the games easier. Each round will run two twenty minutes halves with a ten minute break in between and a ten minute window for changeover afterwards. The baseball and softball fields will be running 40 minute softball games with a 20 minute break after each. Each bracket needs a minimum of 8 teams. Each bracket can have no more than 16 teams to fit within the allotted time frame. Ribbons will be awarded to participants. Winning teams will receive a trophy. Teams are strongly encouraged to dress like heroes or villains.


Team Players (Min)

Min Participants

Max Participants

Revenue (x$10)




















One factor to consider is the approximate seating capacity of the stadium and bleachers. Participants and spectators are encouraged to bring lawn chairs for more seating. Also the accessibility of restroom facilities and seating at all the ball fields. Port a-johns will be rented to allow more adequate bathroom access. There will be a backdrop set up for photo opportunities, which will also be available for the media in the event they would like to conduct interviews or do a broadcast. Golf cart shuttle service could be provided (by way of “sponsorship”) to aid the elderly and disabled access various parts of the venue. Another issue to consider when laying out the set-up is the access to electrical power, especially for concessions. Also, the event will need to be coordinated with local police/fire/ambulance for the proper support.

The main concession stand will be handled by the ACHS booster club. I will work with Food City and other local grocery outlets to procure goods at a discounted (or free) rate. Local eateries can get a booth space to sell their wares.

There will be three (3) professional photographers and one videographer floating around the event to capture images and video for later use on social media, the website, given to sponsored business to put in their marketing materials, etc.

Set up/clean up crews and other volunteers will be sourced from school organizations that need community service hours. Volunteers will also be solicited from the community. Any organization that brings a booth/tent will be responsible for their area’s cleanup. The janitorial staff at the school will be hired to help during clean-up. The varsity athletes will also be responsible for helping set-up and clean-up as a way to get them involved in the event. My staff will be handling the registration table, information, and organizing the volunteers. Referees will be sourced from the school’s usual organization, or coaches may volunteer to be referees.

II. Promotion

Informational packets will be created for each specific target audience. These include sponsors, businesses, church/civic organizations, student athletes, students, and the general public. The website will host all necessary news and information for the event. A social media campaign will be created for the Lions Club, Fort Sanders, the physicians, and the high school to run concurrently leading up to the event. Press kits will be distributed to all the major media outlets in the area as soon as the event is finalized. A print newspaper ad will run one month, two weeks, and one week prior to the event. Newspapers include the Clinton Courier, Oak Ridger, and Knoxville News Sentinel. Information will be released to local radio stations, as they are required to announce local events that are going on. A television ad—0:30.00 second spot on WATE and WBIR—will begin airing one month prior to the event.

An aside—since I have no control over uncontrolled media obviously, with the press releases and press kits, the important figures attending the event and the good cause, my hope is that my imaginary event will garner interest in local news and radio, who will then invite my fictitious civic organization (AC Lions Club) for guest interviews.

III. Set Up


IV. Management

Oddball Creative will be handling the management of the event. I will have central reference point (tent) set up near the main entrance. At this tent there will be:

  • a sporting event registration table w/mini bracket, schedule, map
  • a vendor/booth registration w/schedule, map, information packets
  • a volunteer check-in/schedule for concession stand, referees, etc.
  • one designated individual responsible for press support with press kits
  • a large v-shaped bulletin board with four sections—one for a map and schedule, and one each for the three tournament brackets to be filled in as the day goes along
  • first aid station with large sign

V. Evaluation

To evaluate the effectiveness of the event after the fact, I will create a report answering several important questions:

  • Where the goals for the special event reached?
  • Was the special event delivered in a timely fashion?
  • Did the event provide an impetus for ample press coverage?
  • Did the event reach its target market and audience?
  • Was the special event cost effective?
  • How many special interviews were conducted? In a positive or negative manner?

The report will also include:

  • a review of paid advertising
  • review of news coverage
  • data on web/social media impressions/involvement
  • data on the number of individuals attending event
  • follow-ups with guests who won prizes

IV. What I Learned

Because I had to come up with the concept for the special event prior to doing assignment 3, I was working on both assignments concurrently. What I learned for this assignment, is essentially the same as assignment 3, although in this one, the focus was more on planning and theoretical implementation than concept. As always, it pays to be organized and keep an outline as one fleshes in the details. I probably put too much thought into something that isn’t actually going to happen, but I wanted a nice piece to put in my portfolio. I thoroughly enjoyed the brain exercise in doing this project and I look forward to possibly someday executing an actual special event.