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Writing a News Release

News Release Oddball Creative Services 229 Old Jacksboro Pike Heiskell, TN 37754 Contact: Cassandra Mitchell 865.850.7159 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Knoxville, TN (February 21, 2016) — A National Association of Trauma Specialists (NATS) survey revealed Tennessee hospitals are struggling to provide around the clock specialist treatment to emergency patients. In 2010, NATS conducted a statewide survey entitled “The On-Call Crisis: A Tennessee Assessment of the Costs of Providing On-Call Specialist Coverage.” All hospitals surveyed provided responses. “This study adds to a mounting body of evidence that the on-call crisis is a serious threat to the integrity of our emergency care
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Putting Research Into Action

Putting Research Into Action JOUR3421 R52: Writing for Public Relations The State of Emergency Health Care Emergency medicine is a complex and costly industry. Navigating the web of legislation, policies, and procedures requires armies of well-trained administrators, physicians, and lawyers. Physician behavior, malpractice litigation, and patient behavior all contribute to the extraordinary costs of emergency medicine. Becoming an emergency medicine physician isn’t easy. It takes four years for a bachelor’s degree (the current average is five), then four years of medical school, and then years of ongoing training after that. Once one becomes an emergency physician, it doesn’t get much
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Analyze an Ethical/Legal Situation

Analyze an Ethical/Legal Situation JOUR3421 R52: Writing for Public Relations Situation Overview Melody S. Hanzout—daughter of U.S. Sen. Herchel H. Hanzout—has been awarded a full scholarship (tuition, fees, books, supplies, room and board) to finish her fifth year of study at the university, without having applied for one. Dr. T.A. Lott—State University President—denies the scholarship was granted to win the favor of Sen. Hanzout. He also publicly denies knowing who granted the scholarship. Edgar M. Burns—director of student financial aid—doesn’t remember who authorized the scholarship. Professor Damon R. Philley—chair of the scholarship application review committee—vows an investigation into the matter.
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